Type PWS 10 and PWS 12 insulators are designed for fixing and conductively connecting full copper or stranded wire conductors in low voltage (up to 1000 V) electrical facilities.

Design and use

The support insulator body material is based on polyester composites reinforced with glass fibres. In its upper part the insulator is fitted with two sunk nuts, M12 thread (PWS 12) or M10 thread (PWS 10). On the ends are holes serving to fasten the insulator to the structure of the electrical facility by means of two M12 screws. Owing to the product's mechanical strength and design enabling the electrically conducting parts to be fastened to the structure of the facility in four connecting points, a mechanically strong structural node featuring excellent directional stability results. This solution fully supersedes the hitherto used structural elements made of ceramic materials.

PWS Series support insulators are delivered together with fastening material, enabling the user to make the product into input or output terminals for distribution facilities:

  • Interconnection of rigid or flexible conductors using CUS 1, CUS 2, CUS 3 joints.
  • CUS 2, CUS 3 joints enable the installation of a "V" terminal and the connection of conductors up to 240 mm2 cross section.
  • Direct connection by using a KU 50 cable eye with an extended lug.
  • Interconnection of bare conductors by using a CUS 1 joint.

Declaration of Conformity

PROFIX insulators conform to the requirements of technical standards TP 2002103, ČSN EN 60243-1:99, EN 60695-2- 11:0,1, and have been certified by EZÚ Praha, Czech Republic.